Three is the magic number. Tweet mostly about Arsenal. Love films, Good food, Ibiza, House music and The Arsenal. Season ticket holder.

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Best before & after photo ever and in just six weeks!

Arsenal Premier League Champions 2013/14 #keeptheFAITH

I saved this photo along time ago and I think it's apt now #keeptheFAITH

All that were kids in the 80s will appreciate what I stumbled upon in a shop window in Amsterdam y'day #StarWars #AtAt

Wow. Just wow!

What a moment to capture. Usain Bolt doing the Mobot & Mo Farah doing Bolts Lightening pose. #Magical

Usual Bolt doing the Mo Bot has he smashes the World Record. you have arrived mate.

Morning mate. Just tried to read your blog and it's not all viable do to pop ups. Is it just my phone?

What is it with the AFC photographer? Not content with some players without socks. Now he makes Cazorla stand in a hole

I hope this will untwist a lot of your knickers #Cazorla #official

I've finally come to the conclusion that iPhone autocorrect is useless. I mean, wtf is this?

in my defence. There it is in black and white.

pretty much sums it up for you :)

Never forget. Always remember

Just eating a meal after the gym. Even my steak loves me

I just looked up 'choc ice' and it means exactly what everyone already knows. But this description of it is far better

This is a bit of you #eggphone

here is his answer from The Telegraph in 2009

I thought I'd seen it all until this.They've actually made a film about Osama Bin Laden coming back as a zombie. WTF!?

I feel tonight is a good night to repost this photo. It says it all for me #reallegends