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Woke up mid-flight during turbulence and noticed the flight attendant wearing these socks - not cool

I've never used public transport directions more. Portland's system is really nice and efficient.

Is there anything FaceBook doesn't store?

Let's see if Portland cart food is as good as NYC's

Scanned my mobile boarding pass at the gate- no printer, paper ticket, or terminal kiosk necessary

Sort of ironic BofA has this up on their main page at the same time its down

Looks like the Bank of America site is being attacked

Looks like the BofA website is being attacked

Got a msg from TripIt for my trip to Oregon.Started using it on 's rec.Slightly creepy how it "notices my email"

Pres Obama must be really serious about passing the jobs act if he's having the DNC put up ads on Pandora

Nice advertisement for landshark

Its a good thing I have unlimited data with AT&T

Back to school and Hurricane Irene cleared out the shelves at Target - people are nuts

This is a nice little road in CT's Hartford Capitol

Only in Vermont and India do you see cow crossings on roads

On American soil in Québec,Canada. The guard said "if you kids get in trouble you know where to come" (French accent)...

Just downloaded SMS extension for Google Voice. It uses the iPhones native Text App to send messages. Very cool!

I feel like I'm driving under a cloud pie crust

We have a spill

Upgraded iPhone to 4.3.3. - goodbye location tracking cache