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Layman, mosh retiree, social conservative, I like western civilization, Catholicism, @taylorswift13 (SRS), vegan snacks, sci-fi, and you. #tofupartypatriots

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Setting the bar high here guys.
To quote my man "Next up, 'Pierced and breathing' ".

#CAdrought update! Just felt the faintest hint of raindrops fall here in West Sacramento.

Thanks to I am either following or .

Thanks for the heads up! I'm follower #3 for !

Bad influence, or worst influence?!

"Arizona politician mistakes YMCA campers for migrant children."

I haven't had cable in years, has AHC cornered the UFO/Nazi show market or is The History Channel still in the game?

A horseman is unusual, but only worrisome if his other three buddies show up.

For those of you in the Sacto area, The Sunflower vegan burger + In-N-Out fries + diet pop =

Got out of Mass in time to see Mexico get that goal, on my phone! So stoked for my dad y todo los Mejicanos!

Saw the winning home run land like 50 feet from me, the win, fireworks, good night!

#clawsup! Let's go ! My son is barely awake but we still believe!

Also #seenonmyride earlier today, a new bridge! I'm facing south towards downtown Sacramento, Amtrak is on the right.

"Is this thing on!?"

Thanks to a RT from I can't stop laughing at the wiki for "Action Park" !

Even his own people are

Thanks and for an awesome tweet up! Great chatting with you and !#TSM350

It is race morning! I apologize in advance to those of you who aren't motorsports fans.

RT what about "road racing weekend" by Speedy McGee ? | Ha! Well, my daughter has this! cc

Kids reading, baby asleep, cats curled, calm house. These are next on my summer reading list!