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Everyday being the best me I can be! #UnitFitness is now available! My mission is to help you achieve YOUR BEST body ever! Come join me!

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@ lunch w talkin bout UnitFever & imminent IntrntionalSexSymbolStatus & we c HIM! Fate!

2much clothes in th last 2 pics!Call me Kevin Costner cuz ur panties r Water World! WET PANTY PIC!!

Heavy on heavy n th pants&heavy grls get luv only if th thin girls dont wanna bang! Lol

Shinnin sonn!! More flavor than a BaskinRobbins!!Heavy on bling on my neck wrist&kicks!

Shinnin sonnn!! More flava than a Baskin Robbins!!

Look rub and repeat till ur coochie's sneezing!! & y'all know why I'm smilin so don't ask! :)

ATTN LADIES!! WET PANTY WARNING PIC!! Set phones 2 vibrate & get Noah&his ark cuz th flood is comin!

&me@ Justns weding!2bad Im boyz w her man or it wud hav bin peniscilan time 4sur

Slippery when wet don't fall..get ya juices flowin like Niagara Falls!

ATTN LADIES!This is a WET PANTY PIC WARNING!4ur safety pleez use CAUTION if drippage goes 2th floor!

Bedtime wet panty pic!! Juicem up gurlz! Dont b alarmed if Im in ur dreamz they callMe The Inception

& 4 the other winner of the late night keepin it real hot&spicy game congrats gurl!

Prize 4 one of th winners of our sexxxy late night game of last week! congrats gurl! :)

UnitFever ladys bathrum line starts here!! Administering penis-cilan! TP available 4 xcess moisture!

Wet and hot/ladies lets make it pop/take off my suit/& let me loose next stop/ deep in the Gspot

Th rain nevr came&I kno tht dryness causes chaffing&Discomfrt so moisten up w this! LOOK RUB&REPEAT!

Change ur panties if theyr 2 wet! Wearin wet panties 4extended periods may cause fungal infections!!

Theres a shirt 4 every1!! Don't get used to it!! & u know nuthin but is goin in ther!

Its always a treat when real pimps meet!! Its always a pleasure when real pimps get together!!

Pimpin hard ppl!! If the pimp hand goes up make sure watch ur grill!! Chuuuch!