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Aisle 69 clean up!!!! Its a tough job but somebodys gotta do it cuz u goo'd it!!

TorentialDownpours start!Floodin grab Noah 2of ery animal&his ark&let ur fingrz xplor lik Luis&Clark

Gotta run 2get ready but just incase yall havent seen this lately!& make sur 2 follo the directions!

U may wanna buzz 2 this one!! Couldnt even hear the cameras flashin cuz it sounded like a waterfall!

Yeah u kno it!! The Man, Beth, Dog The Bounty Hunter and yeah..urs truly Guap The Booty Hunter!!

WET PANTY WARNING PIC!! Pants down low to get ur Jonny fix!! Get ya in heat 4 ur sexy tweets!!

Captain Morgan aint got shit on me!!! I'm a panty pirate mutha fucka & I came to steal ur booty!!!!

C this man on th street u might think hes vendin meat/c him in th sheets&expect a sweet treat w heat

Captain Morgan ain't got shit on me!! I'm a panty pirate mutha fucka and I came to steal ur booty!!!

C this man on th street u may thnk hes vendin meat/if u get th clothes off ur treat'll b sugry sweet

As th WetWarrior aka ThePrecipitation fightin dusty crusty cooch is my battle! Liberty&Wetness 4all!

EXTREME SUPER FLOOD UR PANTY OPTION!! Tap ur twat twice & tweet me in the morning!! Lmaoo!

VERY WET PANTY OPTION!! Smegma stains included wit this one!

Option 2

Option #1

WET PANTY WARNING PIC!! Don't drip down ur leg...wear super absorbant panties instead!!

They put it by the DWTS dance floor when they saw me walk in!!

WET PANTY WARNING PIC!! rub on ur tits/if u were here u can lick the tip just dont drip on my kicks!

Pic couresy of ! These 2 men have been the cause 4 more wet holes than well diggers!!