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Dont kno if u saw this flattering pic of me up @ TheMuseum Of Moist Art lol janitor is ready&waiting

We partyin ths Sat so ROLL OUT like toilet paper&get shitty w us!! Buy tickets

here u go! KNEE HI GOLASHES WARNING 4THE SD AREA!! Dont let th drip fuk up ur kicks!

Beautiful day out here in San Diego!! Hope y'all can soak in a little sunshine from this shot!

Twitpic/jump on dis dick/1st ya lickit lik a brisket then I flickit b4 I stickit like a chicklet!!

My dance was imediately canceled du 2 overflow frm th audience! Panties&seat cushions wer destroyed!

Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo..gettin SOAKED!! Lol

Sickk party..Diddy performing..lots of moisture in this mutha fucka!! Golashes & swimmies mandatory!

Call up Nemo cuz down u go/winds not th only thng tht blows/want th view if ur below/well ther u go!

Shave or not to shave??? That is the question!!

Abs came out in Vegas & this evidently homosexual bystander unfortunately did not HYDRATE properly!!

Glowin abs makes u chicas spaz vibrations frm th phone means that Jonnys home just moan baby moan!!

Look into those eyes leavin not a panty dry go further down all the ladies start to drown!!!

Ummm...maybeee...NEW LESBIAN WRISTBANDS!!! Lol

UNBELIEVABLE!!Took off shirt& thes ladys fluids flowed as if it was 1989&Im BradPit n Thelma&Louise!

Golashes mandtory unless u want ur kix fuckd up!SnatchSpray got it SplishSplashStatus in dis biotch!

Vibrators up&panties down! #LookRub&Repeat until ur fingerz drown! 1 hole or two even get em brown!

In this terrible moment I had to choose! They were drowning but I just was unable to save them all!!

Ther she is QueenOfThaDingaling!! Ther she is r WetWinner!!*singing* ery1 congrats !! <3

Ther she is #QueenOfThaDingaling!! Ther she is our #WetWinner!! *singing* Congrats!! <3