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Can't eat me bait now...

Absolutely FOAMIN me #Lerl

is this you?

"Because its fucking massive" hahahaha

Cutest couple in ash <3 #Babez

Hilairious this...

Casually found a lost BOAT tied to a tree on my way to work, anyone lost a BOAT? #PoorBoat

deeta the man eaters been hiding in me room, should a?

seen your bird in bedlington mate, you wanna get her told!

Seen your bird in bedlington mate, wanna get her told!

Shit tattoo #LOL

Delightful in every turkish way.

Youngin's these days.

enjoy work....

What's the chances of the muslim being next to explosives? HA.

aye a have! Your lass has been getting bucked again

Only in Ashington. #Transport

Even is in on the mitchell drive shit parker #HateMail

Only in Ashington #MonkeyCunt

remember this cunt?