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Sirens heard downtown, police helicopter searchlight over

Sirens heard, police helicopter with searchlight over .

#OWS co-ops 9/11 hero Todd Beamer's famous refrain

MT : Did you go there in a suit? Can't picture you in anything but a suit! // Incognito

Walking out as more cops walk in. Don't recall my Tea Party speeches needing such a police presence.

Ok, I'm out of here as the police have asked. Besides, I need a bath and antibacterial soap stat!

National Merit Scholars, right?

Think I could pull off this #OWS look?

Do you think I could pull off this #OWS look?

Gas masks are the "in" look this season.

#OWS scuffle

Police moving in as crowd get angrier

Not hard to miss the philosophical underpinnings of #OWS

"you are ordered to disperse" OWS goes nowhere.

Crowd getting angry as police try and clear street

Police moving in. OWS has taken over at least one city block.

Police escorting one Rhodes Scholor out as crowd chants "shame, shame".

Actually, the value of physical labor is very low. It's man's mind that's the source of wealth, not his muscles.

Cermak at Michigan. Listening to #OWS complain about imperialist Wall Street

Don't remember needing police like this from any of the Tea Parties I've attended

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