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What dummy takes a photo of an electric car charging its battery? This guy #YouDontSeeThisInNebraska

Ahh, so this is where people out here will be instead of watching UCLA-Nebraska at the Rose Bowl. Understood.

Closed down the Memorial Stadium press box. Now it's time to close down O Street! Who's with me!?!?!?

No mist-machine on the Southern Miss sideline today. Just a few huge fans. I want one!

I found some balloons. They'll be in high demand today. #Huskers

New pylons in the Memorial Stadium end zones! I like 'em. Soon the 50-yd line will need a sponsor, though

You know summer's almost over when there are only 5 freeze pops left. Kinda sad, actually

Is quarter-life crisis a real thing? Hope so. It's the only explanation for the dog now living in my apt #MeetAlexMack

Fried chicken sandwich w/ fries & a sampling of potato salad at the Blatt. Pretty good

Some people bring their lunch pails to work. Me? I bring a cooler

Somewhere there's a burger in here. Well done, Kuma's Corner. Well done.

These folks paid $100 to get autographs & attend the B1G kickoff luncheon. Very few Husker fans here again this year

No line right now for autographs from Rex Burkhead, Will Compton & Kyler Reed. Odd sight to see, really

Good morning from Chicago!

Urban Meyer referenced in a recruiting question to Bo Pelini. Transcript identifies the OSU coach as "Neal Obermayer"

Back row view at Big Ten media days... We could really use a DJ here, spinning filler jams & walkup songs for coaches

Jumped on this party bus. Word is we will soon have to travel faster than 50 mph. And Sandra Bullock will be here!

You're a Husker player tweeting about an ESPN analyst's loose prediction for NU -- And you end up on ESPN #ItsJuly

Bo Pelini's anti-playoff stance gives ESPN a topic to discuss. Any exposure is good exposure, right? #Huskers

I don't like where this road is taking me #TheStorm