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Didn't try to dress up my dog for Halloween this year, but I'm guessing this would be the result

The last time I dressed up for Halloween was in college. Went as Tiger Woods. I didn't make it to sunset

DE Eric Martin rocking the #Blackshirt during post-game interviews #Huskers

Someone handed me a black towel outside Memorial Stadium. Can't wait to wave it in Lee Barfknecht's face all game long!

Alex Mack says call her anytime. She has plenty to say

Found a roof on a beautiful day. And I don't want to ever leave Chicago

Stuck in traffic. At least the view is nice #Chicago

My first Husker fan sighting of the road trip comes at an Illinois toll booth

If your wardrobe needs an upgrade, my dog specializes in shoe redesign...

The ankle's all taped up. I'm ready to -- wait for it -- take my dog on a walk ... Good Lord, I'm pathetic.

News teams have assembled for Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst's introductory press conference #Huskers

Other than family/friends, what I miss most about my home in Indiana is the autumn-time scenery. Colors everywhere!

Surprising no collisions as Nebraska takes the field #HuskersVsBand

If you block out all the "O-H/I-O" chants, the walk to the Horseshoe is kinda cool

The bowls are dirty & the food is, well, all but gone. So the result: Salad in a pot #MidnightSnack

Have you been picking up your copies of the World-Herald this week? Today's piece of the puzzle (last one coming 2mrw):

My dog ate nearly an entire copy of ESPNTheMag. Didn't think that would ever be topped. Then she found an iPod charger

Seriously considered skipping my flight & cruising down the Pac-Coast Hwy til sunset #WindowsRolledDown #RadioTurnedUp

Haven't seen any Jim Delany statues around the Rose Bowl. It'll come, I'm guessing ... A view from the press box

Ya know, this place is pretty freakin' sweet