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How did it get to the point where an Orlando Walgreens felt it necessary to carry this many Mickey dolls?

Nebraska's football team has police escorts. This is what they're working with...

This used to be my driveway. So, yeah...

If American heros mutilate stuffed dolls b/c they can't eat a bird, then abruptly pass out, yes

I'm going in. Dog first, though. I assume these gloves will help prevent bird flu...

No college football? Help. I think I'm trying too hard to entertain myself...

Since I assume Georgia will bring its dog to the , can I bring mine?

Your Lucas Oil seats. No chance will be here tonight

Lots of "GBR" chants will be generated from where I'm standing, I presume

Red pom-poms for Nebraska fans tonight (Wiscy section gets red & white ones ... or maybe it's the other way around???)

Bo Pelini & Bret Bielema posing by the trophy, and the group of photographers who wanted a closer look

Look at the hotel room key I got! Fyi, if you try to use it as a credit card you'll get dirty looks from cashier people

I see you, ! ... (The hotel staff did not like me taking photos through the workout room window!)

Somehow, I forgot to tweet this to you on Monday. My bad.

Believe it or not, we're all dancing to 'Shout' ... Well, 12 of us, anyway ... I hate this.

Because I didn't get enough of bad #B1G football in Iowa yesterday... I'm in WeLa for Purdue-IU

My hotel in Des Moines (hosting West Virginia's football team tonight) has apparently had elevator issues before...

Tweeting & driving isn't safe. You're bound to get hit by a truck, or blasted by a red shell #TeamPeach

Lol. I'm back in Omaha. This is my life now

My dog is a dedicated World-Herald reader. But man, she REALLY didn't like 's column today