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i'm so scared

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Major winter storm set to impact the region Thursday. Confidence and snowfall amount forecasts have both gone up since yesterday. There will be a tight snowfall gradient across the Twin Cities metro, with more snow on the east side than the west side. Even more snow will be seen in northern Wisconsin. The blizzard warning area won't see the most snow, but the strongest winds are forecast there Thursday afternoon and evening.
Hazardous travel is expected mainly Thursday afternoon, making for another tough commute. I-90 and I-35 south of the metro will both see blizzard-like conditions.

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On This Day: In 1932 martial law was declared in Honduras to stop a revolt by banana workers fired by the United Fruit Company. The quintessential "banana republic," Honduras became a U.S. foreign enclave as a result of Anglo-American control over it's railroads, mining industry, and banana production in the 1800s. After the turn of the century, The United Fruit Company expanded it’s control over the rich alluvial plains of Honduras' Atlantic coast. By 1929, the United Fruit Company owned or controlled 650,000 acres of the best arable land in the country, along with railroads and ports. The banana operations were run like private cheifdoms, in which the company kept order and crushed labor organizing with their own security forces or by calling in U.S. troops. The indigenous people of Honduras during this time were either killed, forced to become workers in the banana fields under deplorable conditions, or chased from their traditional lands to other parts of the country. As a result of the U.S. involvement in Honduras over the years, less than 10% of the land in the entire country is officially titled to indigenous people

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Spock use sign language to tell Star Trek fans what is being done to them #AnonYmous #WikiLeaks #Anonops #Infosec

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sign language interpreter at Mandela's memorial now denies he is fake #msnbc #cnbc #cnn #foxnews #abc #bbc #tcot

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Admitted racist Robert Stacy McCain #msnbc #cnbc #cnn #foxnews #abc #cbs #nbc #NYTIMES

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spock star trek

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ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ #Reality #cia #fbi #Pentagon #Politics #WikiLeaks #yan #AnonYmiss #Anonops #Infosec #Security #Tech

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how she really feel about you

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walk the line by numbers

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red matrix

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crash overdrive

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watch this

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((( REALLY )))

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pizza man

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I nominate #obama For Nobel Peace Prize for con artist of the century

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Fracking linked to Oklahoma #earthquake, ------scientists say "it wasn't elephants fu"

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this is what the Internet looks like in all of its gorgeous motion

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