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Official photographer of the BET 106 & Park app for the iPhone and Android.

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A few days ago... and Wacka Flocka in my studio

Working hard is: prepping for today's shoot.

Great when someone gorgeous as has great personality. Hair: Makeup

These are all the same angle and I want it to be one clip, not multiple clips.

Can't wait for this Freestyle Friday battle: vs (shot with iPhone and iPro lens).

I've been incorporating the iPro iPhone fisheye lens into my shooting at BET. Here's on set.

iPro fisheye lens for my iPhone on set at BET with

Shots like this drive me crazy. Came so close to creating something nice but didn't. Won't make my site or blog:

Shoe game x3:

. knows you are never coimpletely dressed until you put on a smile!

My shot of from yesterday's 106 show:

DMX: I'm thinking he doesn't have a Twitter (#Leica)

At any given moment of the day or night, if I look at my wife, this is what I see:

This is pretty much the only type of photo you see on a #Leica forum: