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Air Thrillbilly Rockstar.

This is pretty cute.

I think old George Bush on the left wants to form the Four Horsemen. And Clinton is checking out a chick.

This is Jeff Bauman (with Bradley Cooper). Lost his legs due to Boston bombers. ID'd suspects for cops. Hero.

Here's a prize for you.

Here's an early look at the set from up above. Credit for pic.

Excited about opener tomorrow. So are these girls. Look at this even if you don't like baseball.

12 years ago today was WrestleMania X7. Best WWE PPV ever? I think so. Magic. #myway

Jays vs. Indians this week. Maybe you guys should sign this guy to pitch.

On this date 25 years ago Randy Savage won his first Title at 4. My fave. Never forget it.

Raw was a 10 every time this sign was on the show.

Here's the TJR sign on Raw. Thanks for the screencap.

That's great. My writing is pretty popular, so people bring signs. This is from last month.

This is a legendary baseball card. #dickpole

Here's a pic of Brock Lesnar reading (Note: He many not be reading that. Don't hurt me, Brock.)

Well it's college basketball at Wichita State. Thanks for pic.

It's Austin 3:16 day. Here's to ya. And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so. Oh hell yeah.

Awesome old school pic. It's Undertaker with

It's nice to know that Topanga from Boy Meets World turned out to be pretty damn hot.

Two dudes in their 40s playing in their yard.