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Whoever left these on my car must be very nice, popular & have an important time consuming job.

Hey Delaware! You should go to this tomorrow. My mom & dad will be playing some tunes!

Please come.

If you live in these towns you can support local business & indie film by seeing Short Term 12. What a deal!

I have a soft spot for this one.

Here are all the details for my NYC Q&A screenings of Short Term 12 this Friday.

The team with Brian Williams. He told me Jim Harper sucks as an embed. He is right.

Walking down the street, iPod on shuffle, Mrs. Robinson comes on and just as the chorus kicks in I look up and see...

The talented/lovely & Brie Larson wear at a screening. #SXSW

The ultra talented/lovely & Brie Larson wearing at SXSW's 2nd screening of .

Brie Larson's future is so bright she's gotta wear shades.

In which I express my affection for Short Term 12's writer/director Destin Cretton.

Rami Malek closes his eyes, my hair gets wind blown at the premiere of Short Term 12. #SXSW

$1 per chicken filet at Schnippers goes to a pro marriage equality rights organization. Also it's delicious.

Comic book bounty.

Past blast! My sis's old Guild. I learned how to play on this guitar.

I put Batman on the blender by the AC so his cape billows in the wind.


Belated Birthday Blender! "I want a margarita and I want it now." Who can name that movie? No googling.

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