SHE LIKES A BAD BOY..... (Never be afraid of the clown(s)

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You don't see this too often at McDonalds... And this elder Spanish woman kept on going (grrr... Grrr... Grrr...) while sitting next to me... Like what are these Latinas thinking!? And on my way to McDonalds I was practicing my beat boxing (Boom... Boom... Boom...) and I came across a group of Spanish women and I didn't realize what I was saying!?

First time: The First time I've bowled in over 4 years .... STTTTEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRIIIIKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEE

Oh yeah, just fucking killing it

I have #found their hive

The bassist for Maxy Melrose gave me two free tickets for tonights show at the Trubadours. He was in the management office at the apartment complex. He said he worked with Ron Jeremy and The Karate kid today!? Can't go maybe, too busy with sniffles and driving a U Haul and good luck finding parking with that

Pre-Eerily, I cannot move into my appartment due to Chase not allowing for me to withdraw enough for my deposit;, due to Target mishandling debit cards last month. Now I may move elsewheres?!??'

Look at this U Hauls' federal inspectors. Grasping how this thing had 66,663 miles on this baby and with guessed miles, tax, fees, and insurance; rental came out to be exactly $75.00, so I whip a check out of my shirt pocket dated November 12th, 2013 that I had never cashed and it is a check for exactly $75.00 I just had to show the U Haul clerk. Wild coincidences things like this should happen.


Q.U.I.C.KY. - T.I.M.E.

Look at me as a little baby

Where can you expect to hit a traffic jam with 200 people crossing the street #SAMERICANA



Hahaha a cock rim'd!

It's mini tacos for Christmas dindindin I'm a sly chef!!,

My son gets up off the floor and mutates into an angel wearing cap'n crunch's crunchberries winter x-games pjs. I can't believe it, he's opt for the pjs!

Look at my son. Laid out at the foot of the bed! A young hermaphrodite bleeding! #ooops

Having fun between takes, doesn't that look real? I smack my son around in our hotel room as she was reaching for the thermostat after I gave her direct orders not to adjust anything. And as he was reaching for the thermostat, kablowey!

Our latest feature film flashback as I threaten my son = black magic is fun!

I don't know, but if your license plate says JIZ, you might want to change your name to Eric #BallsyPrius