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''It is not so much what we accomplish in life that proves what we are - its what we overcome.''

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Joel, , and on the set of

Here's a picture of me from the Entertainment Weekly photoshoot.

I'm over half way done with "The Dragon's Tooth". Loving it! Thanks for the ARC.

My brother Caleb was in a movie called "Sol". Currently on the front page of Apple Trailers.

Me and my other dog, Mocha. I got her for my 6th birthday (she's 9 years old).

Yehudi Mercado created an amazing movie poster of "The Case". Check out the attached image!

Here a better pix of me with Josh Holloway.

Ok, not a great pix. But I got to meet Josh Holloway (Sawyer) from "Lost" at the Super 8 premiere.

Me and my sister . She's a barista at the most awesome coffeehouse in our town.

The President of , Caleb Applegate (and wife Shawna) were at the midnight opening of

At the midnight opening of , everyone got a signed copy of the Super 8 poster.

At the midnight opening of , my classmates got their choice of seats in theater #1.

At the midnight opening of , my school bought out two theaters and threw me a big surprise opening.

Asked about my height. I was 14 and 5'3" when I auditioned for Super 8. One year later I'm 5'8". Attaching old pix

The picture is hard to see, but this is me with school buds Levi and Sean at the IMAX showing of @

Midnight showing of in my hometown.

Me and Steven Spielberg at the Super 8 premiere.

Guess who I saw at the Super 8 premiere?

From the Super 8 premiere.