Ohio Bobcats and all things Cleveland fan. Castle, Brooklyn 99, & Burn Notice are a few of my favs. My favorite places to go are ones where pants are optional.

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My latest and greatest shirts.

"Yeaaaa, BUDDY!" Matt, your tour manager is BAD ASS!

"Aaaa-ve Mariiiiiia!"

Columbus, Ohio, "Hands Up!"

Time for some ! #UnderTheSunTour

#UnderTheSunTour Cincinnati.

#UnderTheSunTour Cincinnati.

Day 2 at #UnderTheSunTour, group shot!

Behind the scenes at Cincinnati's #UnderTheSunTour. 's wardrobe!

Big finish!!!

Iiiiiiiiii, just wanna fly!!! #UnderTheSunTour

The ...aren't you jealousy???

VH just tore it up in PA on AE!!! #UnderTheSunTour