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Mobile geek in the VC world. Fan of start-up CEOs who'd make great CTOs. Ex Symbian & MySpace Employee. Lover of Tech, Mobile, Tom Waits & Bourbon.

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My housemate chilling w/ last night #ubb

T are filming a Bollywood film here with Shahid Kapur in it, he's sitting in carriage. Nuts.

Chicken & stuffed with Haggis #scotland

Not every hotel in the world used to be a newspaper office, especially w/ interiors like this:

A VC's desk in London, it's this geeky naturally & not staged, had to take a pic.

Litre bottle of extremely hard to find Makers Mark Mint Julep Bourbon. So so so happy!

At Pearl Jam in Hyde Park, girlfriend extremely excited!

Have to say, real flush of emotions hit me after actually being at site of the wall..

Girlfriends totally unbiased political cup cake. It was that or a "Dave's Mate" one, but who will she vote for..

At Warwick castle, beautiful weather here!

Stunning sky over East London

Photo of a Waggis at the Basel Fasnacht from earlier today

If this isn't proof the #casualconnect conference is in Germany, I dont know what is!

Weird how certain brands haven't changed their packaging in a century ie #brasso, anyone else got photos of similar items?

Hetty the cat, defeated & exhausted by her new toy

Hetty's "long cat" impression (long cat is loooong)

Possibly the scariest Santa Claus mannequin ever

Mum's cat Hetty insists on eating the tree, we will lose the battle against her I feel..

Pineapple on a bench, random much?

Pinapple on a bench, random much?

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