The one where Ross is fine.

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But why

My left eyebrow is the most annoying thing in the world. WHY DO YOU FEEL THE NEED TO BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?!

This is one of the 12 photos I took at oxegen, weh :'(

at first glance its some abstract shite, but look closely and you're a fuckin dragon like.

I started tidying the aul bedroom. Finding the best books lads.

The puppies helping me clean the kitchen, like actually. Aw de hunz.

"Blur everything except my dick." - Kevin Bacon.
Matt Dillon doesn't even give a single fuck.

#20yearsofblink182 and it's almost 20 years of me. C'MON LADS YOU CAN DO ANOTHER 20.

Aw lads

Cut my leg trying to avoid frogs in the garden, sad times

I have this nearly 3 years and I've still never finished it.

Slowly moving all my books down to the sitting room, mwahaha

Crying and flailing and covered in gold glitter

Ow :<

Brad Pitt is painfully attractive in Fight Club.