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Haven't even smoked tree in like 2 days. Smoking that wax do that to a nigga.

MicroVaped. I'm loving it.

Scuba Steve is hellllllla druuuuunk. Found his gay ass a red carpet! Love him. Lol!!

Gettin drunk with the classmates.


I love this old ass picture. First picture we took together. #05312011SOLID

Ain't ever been ugly in my life.

Thanks mom.

Slapping Ms. Cici.

My bad bitches/role models.! Jada Pinkett & ✌❤

My bad bitches/role models!! ci & Jada Pinkett ✌❤

My bad bitches/role models! & Jada Pinkett

and I'm a groupie. You steadily on your twitter talking smack about celebs! Lol get a life #lonelyho

That Rosa shit.


So true.

Nigga get on my nerves but I love him.

Astro Blasters. I forgot about this picture. Lol #latepost

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