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Artist, costume fabricator, star wars, disney&marvel obsessed and a vegan for 7 years. Oh, and I love @Bocareject.

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If you're that ripped and you have "swag" in your user name you shouldn't be liking pictures of kittens.


I open my front door to see how nice it was outside and this little guy is waiting for me <3

Having christmas spirit and whatnot.

My attempt to not look deathly sick

Meiko is the most perfect animal. Ever

Domo lays like a dog

I think this should work as a present.

future texted me. So him>you.

Decorated all by me. (:

Kitten cuddles.

Any card I ever get from someone has kitties on it. #meow

Waiting for opportune moment to destroy the tree.


Making the tree pretty.

I can't even. I'm dying. Reason number 49693929 why I didn't upgrade to iosWhateverTheFuckTheyreOnNow.

I'm probably the only one really excited about this movie lol

My favorite.

Been doing this. ALLL DAY. They should put pictures of the damn places in here. I'm sick of googling.

I hate Christmas.