Free Spirit


But I do! I DO got pimp bones in my body & I DO rock 'em like Lodi Dodi....Oh & I do RT alot, so what?

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Hey stranger!

Good morning Crazy Hair!! ...or ghost. Your choice.


Every day my forearm bruise morphs into something different. Today? Puff the Magic Dragon!

NDN tacos w/ . Courtesy of . NomNom. Oh yeeeah.

That adorable kid in the pink is me, with lil bro & grandparents on my Dad's side.

Boy these fancy injuns. Just connected.

My silly friend accidentally brought her home cordless phone with her to Costco today. Bwaha!

As IF my mouth can fit over this! Stretch, Jinx, strrrretch.

Look! It's yellow curved fruit. a.k.a. Bananas

Cashing in the empties. This guy means serious business!!

My lunch today. I'm not hungry.

Whoa! I almost left home with this ginormous roller in my hair! Close call.

Lightweight! 1 slice. I need a nap now.

Screw Calm and Get Angry... mofoooo's!!!

These 'Indian' tattoos & stickers made me laugh. *SMH*

Ahh, Chef Jinxy up to her ole tricks...

My shopping list so far. Why THE HELL CAN'T I FIND A PEN??

Freezies! Cheers, my pretties!

PSA: Don't put chocolate in your pocket with your keys.