But I do! I DO got pimp bones in my body & I DO rock 'em like Lodi Dodi....Oh & I do RT alot, so what?

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Sexcereal? Seriously?

Tempting. Very tempting. BACON.

Is that underwear on the sidewalk?? Crazy kids.

Winter in Winnipeg!

Creepy dolls in the window.

My boo-boo sees everything you do!

My curtain rod attacked me. Hit me right in the noggin'. Ow.

Well this is dumb! Sure makes it harder to recycle.

Happy Monday! Bwahaha!

Holy rusty! You'd think I've never used chopsticks before.

Massage "Pen"...yaaa right

Esmerelda died. Aww

What about these mitts? Ha

Extra bubbles! Merry Christmas to me.

New boots! Merry Christmas to me.

I had theee most spectacular fall on the sidewalk. This was my view.

The Xmas present touques came in!

Oh nos! Why did I buy this kryptnonite?

To add to your glass collection! Yours truly, Thief Jinx.