But I do! I DO got pimp bones in my body & I DO rock 'em like Lodi Dodi....Oh & I do RT alot, so what?

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Am I next? #AmINext #MMIW


Owieeeee! My forearm.

Lunch! Think I can finish this??

I wonder what happened to the other thong??

I just noticed that the curtain rod broke. I guess someone forgot to tell me.

Looks like a big ass burn but it's not. Just super itchy! Also, Imma princess. :-p

Ever walk down the same path a lot & then all of a sudden there are things you never noticed before?

Beach time with my cuzzy

Beautiful Sunday sunset

Beautiful moon tonight.

Weird! My phone takes random pics by itself.

Chillin with a little critter on this fine Sinday morning

My RAWR nails.

Breakfast outside is best

In my walk today. You matter.

Tanning on the balcony :)

My candy.

I'm so sorry sweet potato.