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Me and Nikki put in some serious work at the Sy Thai joint.

Umm I been washing up with Axe gel douche. (see pic) Insert bag jokes here.

Third riding for my big boy pants.

When u bought some st.Ides The St.Ides xclusive '94 promotional mixtape. If U own this tape I'll pay top dollar for It So nestolgic 4me

"Sir, whos is the president of the united states of america." "um uh... Jesus Christ"

If heaven ain't alot like Detroit I don't wanna go, if heaven ain't alot like Detroit I just assume stay home...

Ranked #1 in Race Wars.... Mission complete.

G () () d /\/ | g /-/ + \/\/ () r L |}.

Would it still be a disco stick if it remains in one place!?!?

Watching tv with Bosco... Back and forth between lifetime movies and degrassi.

It's been a long 2 years....

It looks like a great place to rape adolesence in the 60's... Yuck.

I was always told if I have nothing nice to say take a picture and have others leave captions...

getting my hair cut... every time the phone rings here it sounds like the work phone... teehee Code 3.... Yuck

Saturday, nov 22, '58

Taint sniffin' is awsome!

God needed a homeless alcoholic.... RIP Tippy Tom

God needed a king of pop... RIP Michael Jackson.

God needed a new announcer and product pusher. RIP Ed Mcmahon.


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