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Black Velvet--Guinness and Pear Chuck Cider. Probably the only way my wife will drink Guinness.

Family took me to 'Yardhouse' for Fathers Day. Yea, all those pipes are full of beer.

New pair of running shoes. Now I just need a new attitude toward running.

Guy. On a motorcycle. Crutches slung across his back.

'Fordlandia' is a great insight into the life of Henry Ford and the hubris that accompanied industrial revolution.

Creep is learning to write his letters. This is the coolest writing tool for kids I've ever seen.

A little disturbing how excited I am about this little piece of gear.

Yea, thats as a dead ninja Jedi (?) with a sidekick robot ninja.

Look what I found sitting on my desk this morning.

Everybody is getting in on the hybrid helicopter concept.

The Air Force brands EVERYTHING!

The Target AT/FP officer has a sense of humor. That 'Beach Ball' weighs 600lbs and is anchored down 4ft.

One of my favorite parts about my dad coming to visit

Ok, can somebody explain this newspaper distribution system to me?

For those iPhone wielding military folks looking to raise their brats right.

Pretty sure advertising paintball equipment as "Bulletproof" could come back and bite you in the ass.

I'm having a good time playing with an OLPC this week.

Using it right now.

Talk about niche; how big can a 'Mountain Unicycle' club be?

Well. This is awkward.