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Dallas to Dulles

3hrs to kill at DFW if anyone happens to be around. I'll buy you a breakfast beer.

Every place has it's own weird trends. In Dallas all the mannequins are minotaurs.

This is the gift shop at the Wichita airport where they run 'Wizard of Oz' on an infinite loop. 80% of souvenirs are Oz related.

Guy in line in front of me appears to be wearing the worlds smallest backpack (AD Air Force too)

Another photo to give you a taste of home. Yes, those are American flag suspenders layered on a Jeff Gordon T-shirt.

Mennonite girl wearing boxing headgear and riding a mechanical bull pretty much sums up my hometown 4th of July

Rush Limbaugh may be capitalizing on the whole 'Tea Party' thing (in fairness it was pretty good)

So, this whole two day trip was probably worth it for this photo

Very cool place in Trinidad, CO for lunch. Cafe at Danielson's Dry Goods and Domestic Finery

We are officially in Bronco country.

Dedicating next leg of my trip to the successful completion of 's book (whatever its final title is)

Sadly, the great deal I got on the Kindle version of your book was offset by the fact that Amarillo Shiner is $4 a bottle

Triple J Brewhouse in Lubbock, TX

First souvenir of our roadtrip across Texas. For the record, wife was driving for this one.

Wind farms of Central Texas are one of my favorite sites of this drive.

So, this is what my day looks like...

Going camping for a few days. Time to show my children how this family lives off the land.

My office has an ancient microwave. Apparently in olden days you cooked sandwiches in them?!?

This is my beautiful life.