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First official screenshot of the latest game for the #PS4 :)

I'm not watching the Brits instead I'm musing on what type of Teddy Bear has...

You're right, the menace is in the eyes :)

Finally a photo of and the mysterious Ted :)

Jubilant scenes at today's #ConclaveQuestions as it was revealed that the rumours are true..There will be Broadband!

Cardinal 'Tickle Me' Antonio asked the same question he does every time we get together for #ConclaveQuestions :)

Once again Fr John 'Crazy Hats' Murphy embarrassed us all at todays #ConclaveQuestions :)

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams sends his Valentine message to the Irish Nation.

Not to be outdone by Fine Gael, Michael Martin has sent out his own Valentines postcard to the people of Ireland :)

Every person in Ireland received this postcard today from Enda Kenny..That's how he rolls! :)

Oh dear loves somebody else...TRAGIC

The Property Tax is a triumph for Enda Kenny & Noonan...It's their best idea EVER!! :)

How dare you say Ryan Giggs is too old to play.I saw him in the dressing room and he's fighting fit! #CouldntResist

I spotted Ryan Giggs earlier as he drove into the stadium for tonight's game #MUFC

I like to tell tourists that Ash Wednesday celebrates the time we were saved from a Zombie Apocalypse by Ash Williams

Ever the populist Obama has opened the #SOTU address with greatest version of Gangnam Style ever :)

Fox news can't find Bill O'Reilly but some think he's been spotted in Washington for Obamas speech! :) #SOTU

I'm not saying he's trying to capitalise on the movie Lincoln but Obamas has gone for an old school look for the #SOTU

People like Donald Trump have questioned Obama's patriotism but has he gone to far with his dress choice for the #SOTU

Obama becomes the first American President to deliver the #STOU address through the medium of Rap #Respect