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Don't know what the rest of the lads from#OffTheBall are doing but has got a great new gig :)

6 resignations in the last week..I think we now know who the new face of #OffTheBall is, the sly old dog kept it quiet

New posters have been erected in all Government offices ..I think it's a great idea #StateApprovedTweet

Fantastic... is playing a blinder on twitter :))

Cardinal O'Brien denounced Homosexuality as evil but there were subtle clues to his own 'tastes' #DressedForConclave

Miriam Lord deserves a prize for her blurb on the pic of James Reilly, Health Minister, stuck in a lift :)

Brand new sitcom on HBO "Mrs Browns Boyz in Da Hood" ...More 'Slap' then 'Stick' but you get the idea :)

Following on the tradition of leaving Religious life to become a Governess, best of luck to #Benedict in his new job :)

Pope Benedict left the Vatican with high hopes of becoming a Governess back in his beloved Austria :)

Great to hear you're in the new Star Wars :) http://twitpic.com/c7l0p3

Great to hear you're in the new Star Wars :)

Spoteed in Vatican City: Times are rough for Ex-Popes #Benedict

Here's my version for the Irish Market

I think Hunt may be a cheerleader :)

: Mrs Chris Brown #celebrityhairswap

James Bannon TD is worried that people are using smart phones to secretly record conversations..He may be right!

James Bannon is worried about people using Smart phones to listen to conversations?

#Vinb wants everybody to be paid the same, finally his choice of Halloween costume last year makes sense :)

Watch out for #Vinb He gets frisky when there's a full moon :)

Love the new avatar pic, very butch :)