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Looks like people liked my Kim Jong Un baby pic...He's so adorable I've decided to make another one :)

I don't care if he's an evil dictator Kim Jong Un makes a really cute baby!!

EASY.. Go to Internet settings, custom...Go to DNS MANUAL and change to these numbers ..Save this pic

Jessie get your gun! You'll need it now you've upset the Luvies :)

A subtle little exchange between & that reinforces why I like twitter :))

In Korea, the wicked witch of the North demands "unification and your little dog too"

here you go ! http://twitpic.com/cfe0wy

here you go !

"I thought you said we were all dressing as bunnies"-Embarrassment as Joan gets the #DailEasterBunnies theme wrong!

"One for the Ladies" as Leo Varadkar takes #DailEasterBunnies Day way too seriously :)

Great to see Mick & Ming have joined in the #DailEasterBunnies fun :)

Micheal Martin is taking part in the #DailEasterBunnies festivities because of a childhood incident!

Colm Keaveney keeps up the #DailEasterBunnies theme in his own way :)

The Labour Party as a Pat Rabbite and a Eamon Rabbit #DailEasterBunnies

'Chocolate Ar Lá' #DailEasterBunnies

'What's Up Doc Reilly" #DailEasterBunnies

Tonight's "Cast of Love/Hate In Religious Imagery" pic features Darren....KROM's followers will be calling Liveline!

Under the terms of the EU bailout, Leo Varadker will visit every home in Ireland and take your Easter Eggs :)

Just came across this picture of the captain of the Titanic..He reminds me of somebody :) #Vinb

. Did someone say Sherlock/Holmes on the ballot paper in #mhe13 :)