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Had a good laugh with over the pic of his Irish cousin "Ryan Cruise"

Tom Cruise is a really nice guy in person & related to Ryan by all accounts :)

Here you go It's Ryan Cruise :)

Modern version for Eamon :) HT

Since I'm doing 'Top Gun' it's only fair that Paul gets one too 'Highway To The Danger Zone" :)

If Enda's MAVERICK then you get to be ICEMAN :)

Of course Eamon is Goose :)

It's 'Top Gun' day in the Dail and Enda Kenny has gone all out to impress :)

The Roscommon "Hairy Baby" gene may skip a few generations but I think Tom Cruise has a case for Irish Ancestry :)

In honour of Tom Cruises visit, Enda decided to have a "Top Gun" themed day in the Dail :)

Roscommon's Irish dancing County Champion may be related to Tom Cruise..I don't see it myself :) #IrishTom

Great to see Ming made the effort to dress up when meeting Tom Cruise in Roscommon :)

To help Tom Cruise find relatives in Roscommon I've combined his DNA with ..Anyone like this in the town?

Old photos from a family Roscommon may prove they're related to Tom Cruise :)

One hour into his experiment to live on £53 a week, Ian Duncan Smith has resorted to extreme measures :)

And of course there was always this classic look :)

I think this is what we're talking about :)

80's Diva PIC!!

And now you work for me!!

This was here best role :)