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"Have no fear sister, one day you shall rule all" .. Game of Thrones Irish Style #af13

Game of Thrones-Irish Style: Group of riders seen approaching the RDS #af13 Thanks to for the idea :)

Mark O'Rourke getting into the 'Game Of Thrones' cosplay fun at #af13

It's was a nice touch from Fianna Fail to make #af13 a 'Game of Thrones' themed event..Really added to the fun! :)

Shock as Irelands Chippendales, "The Mayo Men" are booked as the interval act for #FFAF13 ...

Things have gone into overdrive at #FFAF13 as Micheal Martin delivers his keynote through the medium of ROCK! #af13

Paul Williams has a cheek calling Luke Ming a "Drug Addled Muppet". In the 70's Paul dabbled in the Muppet Drug world

Paul Williams bravely uncovers a gang of Drug Addled Muppets..The leader is known as "The Frog" !!

Cheers, here's one more Mr InJellyble :)

I know it's not the style you're going for but I had to contribute :) #TMCPickNFlicks

Police release picture of Bus Driver in the Cipryani incident ..Described as a large man with an accent

Wish granted :)

JLS are gone but if you can find them then maybe you can hire 'The A-Team' #whatjlsdidnext

JLS are now a Professional KISS tribute act #whatjlsdidnext

They went for a change of image and released an album called 'Lord Of The Bling' #whatjlsdidnext

The Government have provided a visual aid to help you understand what the "Pregnancy/Suicide Jury" will look like.

JLS breakup after their "Lord Of The Bling" album and new look results in poor sales and alienated fans :)

Happy St George's Day ...Photo taken deep underground Tory HQ :)

George Osbourne & A Dragon: Happy St George's Day :)

A rare photo of a Sloths first appearance in a Major Motion Picture "The Little Sloth" #SlothMoviePosters