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With all the talk about #Thatcher please spare a thought for her grieving husband :)

With all your posts today, I imagine you're wearing this costume as you type :)

With #Thatcher gone I think I may recap my "Game of Thrones" pics for the UK ..The false heir to the throne?

Not to be outdone Micheal Martin has released the new "Soldiers Of Destiny" uniform for all Fianna Fail supporters :)

Enda Kenny has revealed the new Fine Gael uniform from the "Blue Shirts for the 21st Century" collection :)

'Away in the West, the forces gather to take the Throne' .. Game Of Thrones Vs Labour Leadership :)

Continuing the 'Labour party leadership battle' vs the 'Game Of Thrones' plot theme..Remember 'Beware The Hound'

Is it just me or is the shananagins over the Labour party leadership starting to mirror the plot in Game of Thrones :)

He's the Sesame Street count today :)

I did indeed, really nice guy :)

Just had a skim through timeline..Something about Fianna Fail and an Organ?

Had a good laugh with over the pic of his Irish cousin "Ryan Cruise" http://twitpic.com/ch6ikd

Had a good laugh with over the pic of his Irish cousin "Ryan Cruise"

Tom Cruise is a really nice guy in person & related to Ryan by all accounts :)

Here you go It's Ryan Cruise :)

Modern version for Eamon :) HT

Since I'm doing 'Top Gun' it's only fair that Paul gets one too 'Highway To The Danger Zone" :)

If Enda's MAVERICK then you get to be ICEMAN :)

Of course Eamon is Goose :)

It's 'Top Gun' day in the Dail and Enda Kenny has gone all out to impress :)