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Just caught up on #Purrgate .. I wonder was dressed like this was David Cameron called her?

I've no idea what you mean!

How dare you! :) http://twitpic.com/ebz73y

How dare you! :)

When I hear people talk about the Orange Order in Scotland it makes me think of this image #IndyRef

I see the girl from Trinity is going for "Jacob Marley" chic on #UniversityChallenge

Listened to yet another piece about "Gordon Brown-Hero Of The Empire". The most popular "Brown" in the UK? #IndyRef

Came across this, great cause

Don't agree with his politics but I thought the UKIP guy on the BBC was great in Dr Who #IndyRef

A Victory for democracy in Scotland but I'll leave you with this message from your "Glorious Leader" #IndyRef

According to the media, it's not looking good for Alex Salmond and the YES side #IndyRef

Fair enough... I assume your new nation will be a Constitutional Monarchy? Who'll compose your anthem?

A photo of Alistair Darling from back in the day..
Apparently he didn't hear a lot of NO's then either :) #Indyref

Mel Gibson responds to the latest poll that has the NO side at 51% #IndyRef

Don't worry Scotland your fellow English MP's really believe in the collective good and aren't petty at all #Indyref

Just caught Cameron's speech on the #IndyRef ..When did he turn into Bella from Twilight!

I knew David Cameron was getting desperate but I didn't realise how far he'd go to appease Alex Salmond :) #IndyRef

What about this for the Harry pic?

Interesting new image for Nick Robinson as he appears on TV to refute charges of bias #IndyRef