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It seems has always had an extravagant lifestyle!

So some people were unhappy with my Katie Taylor as "Black Widow" pic. So here's my Katie "Assassin" Taylor pic :)

In the interest of gender balance here's my Katie Taylor Superhero pic :) #TeamIreland http://twitpic.com/agok4g

In the interest of gender balance here's my Katie Taylor Superhero pic :) #TeamIreland

There's a new Superhero in town...Michael Conlan :) #London2012

When Katie Taylor hit that TeamGB girl in the face I saw liquid, I thought it was Blood but it's S'not #BoomBoom

I'm pitching this poster to the Irish Tourism Board.. #KatieTaylor #London2012

I know that drinking Vodka causes women to beat the head off each other but they shouldn't associate it with Katie :)

Can anyone confirm this is an official pic from Smirnoff..Is Katie sponsored by them?

Congratulations 100m Olympic Champion John Terry :) #London2012

I didn't realise Jimmy Carr was playing Andy Murray in the Olympics :) #London2012

The Daily Mail's disgusting "Plastic Brits" story is racist but they have released photographic proof #London2012

Fine Gael release a new poster. Enda has said it's compulsory for all Government offices to put it on display :)

Would you buy a camel off this man?

Google the Wordpress #BorisDangles :)

A joyous day for my Grandfather. Exhumed the body in Dublin and brought him to Cavan..Once again he's buried in Muff!

Another Photo from the updated "Wizard Of Oz In The Hood" starring Snoop Lion #Snoop

EXCLUSIVE: Wizard of OZ digitally remastered starring Snoop Lion

I like that Snoop Dogg has changed his name to Snoop Lion but I'm not convinced by his new image! #Snoop

Food poisoning rips through the Olympic Village..The diving teams are most affected (via ? ) #London2012