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In the Ohio Theater preparing for tomorrow night's special.

On my way to in Cleveland. It's rainy and cold. I love Cleveland!

Hi . You don't have to follow me, but we should be friends. GOOD FRIENDS...IF YOU GET MY DRIFT

Hey , THIS is Roland, who took your snooze photo. He did NOT MAKE A DIME FROM IT!

The scratch went to the emergency room for. HE'S ALRIGHT, THANK GOD.

tsssss I wish this guy would HOP to it or sumpthin tsssss

Good luck on Jeopardy. I must really like to root against Kareem.

Thanks to the woman with the world's worst ass for showing up at the Cellar last night. Looks like she shit herself.

I'm entering my photo in a contest. 1st prize is a trip to Aruba, 2nd prize is William Holden's coffee table.

After dinner with .

Asshole and his hunk of shit bandolier.

I need my fucking bunny ears; I got candy to deliver.

With at 's house eating like hogs.

With Clint Hill after a fascinating interview.

I spilled my coffee all over the place. Here's Erock's juicy ass crack while cleaning it.

Andre the Giant play-choking Bob Uecker during an interview. Look at the size of his hands.

HOMELESS CHARLIE! How depressing; he photographs better than me.

These ASSHOLES at MSNBC blocking Zimmerman's head with a BREAKING NEWS graphic about Zimmerman's head.

About to enjoy a restful nights sleep with my home sleep study kit.
#FeelLikeAnAsshole, #GoodLuckSleeping

Unfortunately, this photo was taken right before I submitted in the 2nd round.