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This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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Had a great time with . He's the taller one in the photo.

Enjoyed very much. Why do I have such a retarded look on my face?

RT : Cant believe I was this close to last weekend http://t.co/U3gE88Sc - Look how close I was.

Arial view of Def Leopard's Fox and Friends performance.

I had lunch today with the lovely Bailey Jay... IF you know what I mean.

With , and . Jamie's charity is MovingMountainsNYC.org

How awful is 's wrestling shirt?

This photo does not do justice to the bruise developing after and I fought valiantly in the radio studio.

The 1st dance between and Jess.

For years I've been hearing how much Chris Hemsworth and I look alike.

Restful sleep coming up!

I was afraid I'd look like an asshole in my apnea mask; thank God for the always fashionable chin strap.

Nice to see showing respect for 's furniture on Saturday.

Aaaaannnnd option number two!

Thus far, my night has not been full of restful sleep. I keep panicking in this thing. Who wants to fuck?

At the Comedy Cellar, thinking of

This is symbolic of rich gentlemen in fancy clothes who feed their penises to animal-men.

Am I laughing, crying, or shitting my pants?

View from the stage at The Blind Pig in Cleveland.

Crazy crowd here do far.