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What a helpful description of a rape suspect! Make sure you mention the color of his hat and clothes. Very thorough!

I love when I wet the bed because it means I got a good night sleep.


Look what and I stole!

Very sad news about soldier Chris Kyle being murdered. He was a great guest, I wish he'd come on more than once.

With and . Very fun interview. They air Tuesday 11pm live on MTV.

She's STONE FACING her bf as he describes leaving her and their two young kids in the theater during the shooting.

I know news is a business, but can they just not be whores for a couple of hours?

While and cover the story, plods on obsessing over Romney.

Holy fuck did I have fun at the fan expo today. Cannot wait for tomorrow!

This guy doesn't like to fight, he LOVES it!

There are 8,000 people here for the fucking weigh in. I am so excited, I just want to bite someone.

The great backstage at UFC fan expo. Nicest athlete on the planet.

Me, watching Anderson Silva and a camera crew walking through the MGM


Mila Kunis and a turtle-headed monster on Leno.

Who is this poor lady on CNN that looks EXACTLY LIKE ME?

Just dropped a horrible fart that is trying to work through.

THIS is the original photo, before I had to chop it down to fit. NO rude remarks, please.

I look pretty intense when I drive.