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This is my Twitter account. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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Holy shit this is a bad accident.

Tsss this is NOT the same pickshu tssss fine the diffrincis cocksucka tsss

Tssss see if u can find too diffrincis between the pickchus tsssss

It seems like only yesterday that and I were in love.

Amazing seats for Wrestlemania

I just ate this. Is was better than cumming.

I should have waited 20 minutes, it's packed now. And no one is talking to me.
#LonelyDouche, #StillHumiliated

I'm the FIRST person to arrive at the HBO premier party for Vice.
#OverEagerDouche, #CompletelyHumiliating

With and mom Georgia after the early show

Feeling relaxed and confident before tonight's shoot on Boston.


Either I need a manicure or my hand died two years ago.

. Way to miss the point, Col. I accidentally snapped this photo while reading your "Tweet"

. How is this not on the front page? You went with the 'saucy Tweet-guy' instead?

Had a great time with and this morning. They're both on my Boneyard show tonight.

The Onion, a parody news outlet, has to apologize for being tasteless. The real news, however, never does.

At 's party. I cannot over stress the rarity of this photo.

We are all getting into the spirit of today's Gay Off.

The 1st Annual Gay Off begins shortly. Sal in his baggy thong.

God bless Desiline Victor. Not because she voted, or because she's 102, but because she looks like Hal Holbrook.