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I. Want. Cookie.

I play too much scrabble. I looked at this plate & the first thought was that they both equal ten.

WTF? I told Foursquare that I was at Lindburgh Terminal. It put me somewhere weird... Huh. Lame.

The woot monkey is protector of baby trees... at least on my desk at work.

Is it just me, or does towing the bus instead of plowing seem an ass-backward way to fix this prob?

Walking to breakfast... In any weather! It's tradition!

I'm finding the thrift store plate of one kid choking another kid kind of hard to resist...

The apartment was chilly, so I put on something a little warmer...

Poor Feb. So much to do at work though. Guess I'll be working the one w/e I have her this month. :(

Oh Toaster Strudel. You look so much better in pictures than in real life, but you taste SO GOOD!

I went outside & in less than a second, BOX ELDER BUG ATTACK!

I have no idea what this is, but it's in the sink at work...

R.I.P. The Supply

I just kicked this fuck in the nuts. Wheelchair & all. Fucker rolled up to me & grabbed my crotch.

Much-needed errands have been completed. Now what??

On my hand right now...

Not sure this pic does it justice, but the sky is so blue today, it looks photoshopped.

The best part of the show is this dancing kid...

Sitting w Dave, & Megan. Watching kids that are too young to be gyrating against each other.

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