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Actual photo documentation of my hair upon waking:

Video games peaked here. Why they keep making more? Why bother?!

Oh, dammmmnnnnn! Who's flying Churchill and having badass adventures? Unf!


As proof, I submit this photo I took of your average E3 attendee's face. My camera can capture dialogue.

Here's a "concept art" of how kids are gonna love dis shit:

I have an unfinished "fancy" version of that self portrait from last year just haunting my "in progress" folder:

Here's why should never let me play with her gouache paints ever again. He has gold pants!

I hate to join the ranks of idiots posting pictures of what food they're eating, but mutant reptile's just so tasty!

People are asking what MY idea of beautiful short hair is? I think this girl is the ultimate example it:

Another Psycho Mantis! Seriously, they're like tribbles.

I think there's a Psycho Mantis in there. I think there's one in every one of my boxes. WHY??

When there's no room for a hideous Chucky doll it's time to start launching crap into space.

Why does my friend's ring look like ? Is this Front's Mr. Sparkle or something? Weirding me out.

I'm sure, even when on my deathbed, I will still laugh at everything about Gorilla Munch. AHAHAH! GORILLA MUNCH!!

Saw this thing painted on the side of a cupcake place in downtown. It more as a repellant than a lure.

I am all too often jealous of the future, and on occasion, hungry for its cereals.

Well, I finally did it. I got a sweet tattoo to express my individuality. Form a line, ladies.

Seriously...this little bastard is my mortal enemy this day. Stare into the face of horror:

You win this time, childish ignorance. THIS TIME.

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