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Not-so-starving Artist/Photographer/Muse/Animal Wrangler/ Mom in Inwood NYC...some modesty, no shame

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NYPD just pulled up on #ishamwest to give tickets to double parked cars. MOVE YOUR CAR!!!! #Inwood

The next #startrek TV series should be Keeping Up With The Cardassians.

I'm watching: The Astro Zombies on Netflix. Starring John Carradine

Protesters on Bway & Isham screaming "NO MORE CUTS" and "MORE JOBS" #Inwood RIGHT NOW

iAdi's new white 32g #ipad2 :-)

The Promised Land #iPad2

We got our numbers!!! #iPad2

Apple straightened the line #iPad2

Apple straightened the line #iPad2

The line has made a complete circle- the store is going to straighten out the line

Making Dinner

Making Dinner

Here is a close up of me (sans eyewear). If you want to wait I can have M take a pic of me making dinner later

you have a drag persona? So does my dad! :-)

Happy New year to our wonderful party hosts and his most honorable wife

#whereiam under

90$ for first clean $70 weekly for the rest. We have a 2 bedroom. Ask for Juana- she's great