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Lover of live music, video games and movies. I also happen to be a bit of a jerk.

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Fable III is free right now on XBL. Kind of a shit game but free is free.

Harvey Wetnuts III of the prestigious Wetnuts family has favorited one of my tweets. I consider this a promotion.

i found his older brother here.

the fuck?

Thanks to I now know that there is a new Stryper album coming out. Thanks guys!

Anyone in need of a brand new, unopened 7th generation iPod Nano? Black, 16GB. $140

Ms. representing the Pearl Jam at the Justin Timberlake show. My kind of lady.

right by the piano.

No clue what this rag tag bunch of Danes are going on about, but they have mentioned Kevin Sorbo 4 times already.

too late!

San Francisco bound w/. Currently listening to and enjoying the barren yet peaceful view.

Also: Here's a picture of Mii as a lady.

I'm not sure what our endgame is, but and I's "Words With Friends" game just got interesting.

From to Mariachi El in less than two minutes. Fuck yes.

RT : is it only programmers that go crazy when quoting people who quoted other people in their quote?

Mr. wasn't always the best thief, but you had to admire his determination. \c

What the hell is going on next to me? #pocketsack #wow

This should be fun.