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Kid next to me kept shaking his head to keep his hair off his face. Wanted to tell him to get a haircut

Salted caramel mocha frap makes me happy. And I don't even like caramel.

I worry what kind of "jackpot" one would get from this...

According to my owner's manual, my gas tank holds 11 gallons.

Guess which one is my beer and which one is hers

Were I not going back to work...

I hope that he at least got points for being clever

Sometimes it's good to remember that some people were hit harder than most of us.

Crossing my fingers that it holds out. It was like this before I left home.

Oh, such brilliance

Yay delicious dinner! Mmmm, steak

This is what you call a jerk...

Had to buy a bigger rack to prepare for the case arriving this week. Current one only held 16

A few drinks at a bar are probably still cheaper

Hey, look what I actually remembered to do today #sunrisewars

A ribeye, three pounds of chicken, a whole fish, a swordfish steak, and four kinds of veggies.

This weather is great for grilling, if only it wasn't so windy :(

Cranium clay. Is that salt crystalization?

Great day for grilling!

Great day for grilling!