One of three hosts for a new gaming youtube channel I also do some pretty sick art and I accept requests.

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My class concept for borderlands, The Saboteur.

  • 1218 days ago via site
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Just a simple illustration of my character done for my (and my friends) Youtube channel ( ) For our logo and background to be. I think I may have gotten lazy with the cropping of the splatter shadows because it's 12:30 soyah :P Hope you enjoy and 5 more to come!

  • 1417 days ago via site
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Sketch of Jeraz! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :D This is also what my minecraft skin is based on as he appears in Legend Films NZ's let's play adventure mode videos :)

  • 1427 days ago via site
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yeah this is the progress so far :/ I think I added too much to your design but still I think it looks pretty cool :P

  • 1485 days ago via site
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Bottomhalf Assassin

  • 1519 days ago via site
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Tophalf Assassin (back)

  • 1519 days ago via site
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Tophalf assassin

  • 1519 days ago via site
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YO YO YO! Puttherecordon gains a familiar face! I dunno if we'll put this in, I might change up the colours so we don't breach anything, cause this is afterall just a parody item :P

  • 1577 days ago via site
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YAAAAAAAAAY my first REAL flash project for PTRO, no name yet...and sorry ffor the..."adult content" lol silly peoples I had to delete the pants to draw new ones!

  • 1584 days ago via site
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lol am a flash noob, major WIP, and teh hair is blonde because I dun know how to do CC :D

  • 1586 days ago via site
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So I figured I don't really post enough of my real works, often just stuff for PTRO. Though when I have posted real works noone seems to look or comment, so that would be appreciated. This is a concept for Dwarven demolitions expert. Shading got messed up in the scan, but it looks a'ight. Enjoy :)

  • 1591 days ago via site
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concepts for PTRO monsters fire and ice

  • 1605 days ago via site
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Just breaking in my new tablet so I started to draw and now I realise I've had Uncharted on the brain lol enjoy! CC if you want :P

  • 1607 days ago via site
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A very quick sketch of Ezio Auditore. Be kind, from memory and I've only had it for 4 days xD

  • 1654 days ago via site
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Just sorting through the good guys in the whole of the Crash Bandicoot series. All credit goes to Crash Mania for the pics. Perhaps a future projects of mine after exams. Anyone here good at coding?

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So this thing "Paymentz" isn't working for me.

  • 1660 days ago via site
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found you.

  • 1663 days ago via site
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I was messing around with an idea that I've been wanting in the AQW suggestion shop and came up with this. I called it Gryphon Marauder. I will probably draw another version with the same concept tonight. Any suggestions better get em in fast :P

  • 1678 days ago via site
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Yeah me and were doing a Seppy Dragon vs and Alty Dragon. Alty by Ninj, Seppy by me. I'd like to continue this tomorrow perhaps. CC WANTED!

  • 1687 days ago via site
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Left is for fire, right for ice. Really basic twin-like concepts. (Obviously they're not identical ;D) Came up with some generic names, suggestions welcome.

  • 1691 days ago via site
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