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Half-Filipino, Half-Chinese. A nerdy guy wearing glasses. That's all.

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Look what I just found! :)

GUYS! Remember this? :))

Grilled Cheese for breakfast. Oh yeah!

Hooray for self-printed Harry Potter Bookmarks.. XD

I finally bought it! XD Look forward to reading all of it. :D

First time.. XD #DairyQueen

Yay! My sim got an A on his GPA!

Now installing The Sims 3 University Life. :D

Gyeehee. May damit na rin ako para sa JS. :)

I feel Chinese already haha. Happy Chinese New Year! Gung Hei Faht Choi! :DD

Meh. Paalis na kami. XD

Scriptwriting practice.. XD

So this is my current collection of 'The Hunger Games' :) Someone borrowed Catching Fire so it isn't there.



Tapos na ang first half ng periodical test. Pero sino si Cabra? Haha

Yay. Recess.. XD kaumay ang periodical test.

Haggard.. -__-

This stupid cut just doesn't know when to stop bleeding... -___-