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I'm forced to look at mens flat butts on the primetime tv networks and the MPAA banned this? No justice. #SinCity

I looked and I think I found the email. You are her, right?

You're in my head, Cylon! I was just sending you my report!

Ground Control: we have several cycles on radar and they're also heading your way.

my sky as seen through Hipstamatic. Blue, white, grey over and over.

Self explanatory:

This is my public safety screensaver. I got a few disturbed looks with Medusa. The horse is magical, yes?


I have a serious hair mental disorder. I just got back to my color and I miss being dark. Is this a 12-Step program?

Everything is PINK!

During my sugar rush tonight I played with #layrsapp and made a sunbeam shoot out my ear. It’s pretty groovy.

Your courtesy hotel shower curtain pic.


Raining. This is all I have to offer up to the Twitter Gawds.

Wanna get in sexy bed…with me...and act like stupid zombies? #InMyOwnBedYAY #OGSnotBand

I should’ve been a vagina lawyer.

My phone loaded OLD photos. I may need to use this 2011 SDCC avatar again this year at the rate my schedule is going.

My head hurts. I WISH I could see private messages. My job would be much more fun. Clearly, A LOT more fun.

Happy Birthday ! So much mad love and respect to you! Enjoy your night, you deserve ALL THE DRINKS!

Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE person on Earth, MY Capt. FlannelMan & my boob headrest when I’m drunk, !

Uh-Oh. #AngryFriendsHappyBirds

I’ve never wanted to steal a semi-trailer this much in my life. They’re ready for restorations! #ClassicCars