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I work for @SpokHumaneSoc (my tweets are my own), straight up nerd, tweetaholic gal. Join me, won't you?

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Tweezer sleeps funny

this is your kitten! Came from a foster home with lots if kids and dogs and is so sweet!

Sitting in a kennel trying to make Pluto my friend by ignoring him so I’m not so scary.

if you don’t come get this I’m gonna steal it

hey need another chihuahua to match the one in your photo?

Lil’ Sparrow

welcome to #spokane here is a cute photo or you

just bought one at a finer moment

Here I am as a “pretty kitty” with Sammy the cowdog!

yeah I do.

:( fine then I shall taunt you with this photo of awesomeness.

she’s really cute if it helps?

Well look for tweets from Lil’ Sparrow all night long. She’s nestled in with her new pal Bert.