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Divining in Green. Generalist. (Landscape architect, photographer, scent junkie, foodie, music lvr, cyclist, & not nec in that order & none of the above too.)

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Evening friends.

Gridlock is so bad in SF I parked the car and have gone for a walk....

There is a gang in the neighborhood. Six velveted bucks.


More wildlife. Striped skunk w fantastical tail.

Two skinny coyotes just trotted through the yard.

Beautiful day.

Packing it in for the Mountain Trinity.

The view from here. May?

The view from here. Now. Behind the snow plow. Utah

The view from here. Capitol Reef National Park.

Maude, the lilac poaching getaway car.

The view from here 2. Capitol Reef National Park.

Beautiful feather shaped rainbow cloud yesterday. (Sorry, taken at high speed.)

Spring down the street.

Weirdly, I am a bit of car geek. Sighted:not 1 but 2 Fiskar Karma. Like the diamonds instead of exhaust pipes.

Tulip Light 2.

Tulip light.

Interesting grid-dimpling pattern in the backlit tulip petal. #naturesmysteries

So $9900 averages out to about $990 a minute. Or $7.50 per image. 1500 images. CT scan.